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Class of '13 Going on 30:
Ten-Year Reboot

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A decade since  graduating high school and on the brink of turning 30 - this will be a night more memorable than prom

WHEN:   7-10PM on December 27, 2023

WHERE:   906 Congress Ave Austin, TX 78701

WHO:   WHS Class of '13 Alumni & a Plus One

After a decade hiatus, tune in as the cast & crew of "Westwood's Class of 2013" join for this holiday reunion special. Celebrating 10 (and a half) years after the final season aired from the halls of Mellow Meadow Dr - this is a must-attend event filled with mild debauchery and maximum nostalgia.

Graph Paper

Class of '13 Going on 30: Ten Year Reboot

Sneak peek of the return of the decade

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